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Templar discovery

We propose an adventure that takes you back in time to relive the Templar history through the several monuments and historic places in Tomar, accompanied by a private tour guide to explain you all the details. A place where history is relived and the mystic symbols of the Templars are present, like the serifs of the stems or the Cross of the Order of Christ that was used as a coat of arms or the Chinon parchment and many other stories and mysteries unravelled especially for you!
Come and live this emotion…

Almourol Castle

Located in a place of amazing natural beauty, originally used as a defence watchtower over the Tagus river during the conquest of the Moors. Today it is part of the cultural patrimony and touristic attraction for the beauty of the structure and the stories we inherit from our ancestors.

Capítulo window

The Capítulo Window is known as the masterpiece of the Manueline art. It shows us several elements of the discoveries period, where the artists found inspiration from significant elements of the boats such as ropes, algae, objects of marine navigation, the cross of the discoveries among other details that you may find in the interlaced ropes.

The Templarios Castle

An important monument at a national and international level for the famous orders of the Templars and of the Christ. In this monument one can identify the four main periods from which Manueline art in the window of the Capítulo, the Charola of Templários, the Cloister of King João III, and the millenary history of the Templar stand out the most bringing a very special mystic feel to this place.

Aquatic emotions - A cruise of a thousand emotions

Na unforgettable 4-hour cruise on board the São Cristóvão boat with lunch included is a journey on one of the most beautiful artificial lakes in Europe, the dam of Castelo de Bode. The Blue Lake from the Zêzere river is the natural resource of Lisbon’s clean water supply. A privileged area for water sports and access to river beaches surrounded by natural beauty where tranquillity reigns, you can hear the silence and our imagination takes us to faraway lands.

Underwater emotions

Come and discover the underwater world. Diving is a fun and fascinating sport. Come and experience and maybe become a fan yourself. Do not be alarmed as the equipment is for your own safety. When you discover the river from an underwater perspective you will easily be mesmerized by its natural beauty, silence, fish, crystal clear waters... Once you try it you will not be able to pull yourself away.

Family emotions

Come with your family and go back in time to your childhood with all the traditional Portuguese games. Let nature be the scenery for this experience. How often do you go back and play those beloved old childhood games that hold a special place in your memory, those games that brought the whole family together sharing special moments.

Wine emotions

A visit to the regional wine cellars accompanied by experienced winemakers is an invitation to test even the most demanding palates. This region is unique for the organoleptic characteristics and quality of the land which reflects on the wine. Enjoy a visit to the setting and surroundings where the nectar ferments in controlled temperature in the right place. Ask the winemaker the questions you always wanted to know the answers to, get the best tips to impress your friends at the next dinner party and become an expert…

Equestrian emotions

The best way to know the true spirit of the region is to ride a thoroughbred Lusitano horse. With the beautiful landscape as the background where the horse is synonym of passion, visit the stables, absorb the knowledge about horse keeping learned and passed down from generation to generation. Now you can experience all that yourself first hand. Come and live this emotion…

Wellness emotions

Leave the stressful days behind you, take a well-deserved break and enjoy a different experience. You are worth it and your body will appreciate a bit of pampering! We have special 2 and 3 night programs prepared for you including a full physical assessment, exercise program accompanied by a personal trainer, nutritional consultation, osteopathy evaluation and a relaxing massage. Once the business is taken care of, take care of yourself and let the professionals guide you through the process personalized exclusively for you. Take advantage of the knowledge of professionals, make the most of this experience and finish it off with a full relaxing massage to really let go of all your problems and start a new day fully invigorated.